We, at Tragging company, believe that Internet Of Things will soon be considerably replacing current technologies in all developed and developing countries.

We highly believe that current systems and techniques based on barcode scanning and on using traditional accounting and inventory software will soon disappear and will be substituted with IOT-based technologies. Only few companies are engaged so far in the process of developing hardware and software solutions in this field. For this purpose and for all the reasons we mentioned previously, we decided to create our own startup company Tragging in order to be among the first companies who compete in this domain in Turley, Saudi Arabia and all Arab countries.


Tragging RFID Solution

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Our History

It all started with a team of dedicated auditors. Based on 11 years of experience, each noticed discrepancies and errors in their clients’ inventories and stock, leading them to believe that there had to be some sort of technology that could rectify or in the least minimize those errors. As their problem didn’t stop there, but continues with uncontrollable working hours and resources, their research began. Their solution was clear once they stumbled upon a technology called RFID, which unfortunately, was unavailable in Lebanon. This is where it all started. Bit by bit, their research was complete, and it was then that they decided to produce RFID-based solutions for companies and industries that currently have the same problem as their clients’. Their solution involved making inventory and stock tracking systems easier with the use of Tags and Readers.

Tragging was born after an internal training and brainstorming session, the result of which had both the problem and solution matched up under one name Tragging i.e. the act of tracking through tagging.

Hence, their first product, which, involved using an RFID-based software for Fixed Assets tracking. After continuous and lengthy market research and study, other products arose and more progress followed.

Today, Tragging LTD has many offices around the globe & a team of 45+ employees including auditors, electrical engineers, developers, designers, sales and marketing people who are vibrant, dedicated, passionate and most important of all, a family.