Our RFID-based solutions will benefit companies in a way to help improve their businesses, products and processes

Process Control

RFID can be considered as one clickable solution through which several processes are done at a click of a button.


Enhanced Security & services

Our RFID based systems provide the market with various original business solutions that will further help our customers with improving their businesses, products and services

High Accuracy

Using smart RFID Tags and readers, all tasks and activities become fully automated, therefore minimizing the need for human involvement

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The top features of RFID-based solutions

 Tragging’s advanced technology includes features that will save companies, factories and industries, time, effort…


RFID-based solutions are cost-effective systems that ultimately help increase…

Multiple Scans

Today, RFID technology allows its users to detect and recognize a large number of RFID Tags in a matter of seconds…

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IOT will be the core of all connected devices

Tragging started developing various hardware and software solutions based on RFID technologies. We provide the market with numerous products that help SME & large corporations enhance their business efficiency

RFID tags is a small chip including a tiny antenna and a small-scale integrated circuit. These chips that we will call tags can seamlessly be attached to merchandise, animals or humans without affecting them.

An RFID Reader is basically a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver, controlled by a microprocessor or digital signal processor (DSP). The RFID reader, using an attached antenna, captures data from RFID tags, and then passes the data to a computer for processing

The middleware refers broadly to software or devices that connect RFID readers and the data they collect, to enterprise information systems. RFID middleware helps making sense of RFID tag reads, applies filtering, formatting and logic to tag data captured by a reader

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