Process Control

RFID can be considered as one clickable solution through which several processes are done at a click of a button. For instance, through the touch of a button on his smartphone or laptop, without any physical contact and other human interventions, a company manager can conduct a complete inventory or a stock and assets procedure, all on his own and in a matter of seconds. RFID based systems allow the tracking, auditing and analysis of all activities performed within different departments of a company. These systems produce continuous reports and real time notifications informing company owners of any issues encountered in the running processes. As a result, managers will be able to detect thefts, mistakes, material waste and more, thus improving the overall performance of his/her company without the involvement of human personnel or additional employees and therefore at a very low cost.

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High Accuracy

Using smart RFID Tags and readers, all tasks and activities become fully automated, therefore minimizing the need for human involvement. Implementing these solutions, gives both products or assets and their respective readers, the ability to communicate automatically and wirelessly by sending all gathered data to a software for a quick and advanced analysis. This software will then provide managers with the needed information in a very short time.

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Enhanced Security & services

Our RFID based systems provide the market with various original business solutions that will further help our customers with improving their businesses, products and services. These solutions allow retail corporations to enhance their clients’ overall shopping experience by: Minimizing the queuing time and avoiding long lines at Point of Sales Significantly enhancing the on-shelf product availability Our advanced RFID technologies improve both security and safety by detecting any attempt of theft at any location i.e. whether on shelf or in stock. All RFID Tags, seamlessly attached to the merchandise, maintain a continuous wireless connection with their readers or scanners. The latter allows our automated software to track and monitor the products as well as analyze, in real time, the different data collected from the store and stock.