RFID-based solutions are cost-effective systems that ultimately help increase a company’s intelligence by significantly reducing its product’s wastes & theft. thus,ensuring an accurate & fast inventory management . By replacing their old management systems and opting for Tragging’s advanced RFID technology, companies will ensure a better and more secure financial management system.

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Application dependent

RFID Tags come in different shapes and sizes making them compliant with different applications and products. The size and shape of a Tag is application-dependent but is usually less than a few centimeters long, also making it compatible with most targeted objects. In order to select a Tag that is adaptable to a specific application, its shape and size are two of seven key factors that an RFID solution provider takes into consideration for optimally fitting the tag to the product.

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RFID Tags are renowned for their long lasting and high quality material. Companies can rest assured that their Tags will remain intact for several years without the need for any additional maintenance on their part. RFID Tags are not only long lasting and durable but also resistant to harsh environments due to the fact that they are passive. A Tag is not battery charged but sufficiently powered up by the electromagnetic waves and energy emitted by the RFID scanner. That is why, some tags are resistant to very high pressures and extreme temperatures of up to 500 °C for a period 6 hours.

Unique by nature

An RFID Tag is unique by nature, as it cannot match an identification number other than its own. Therefore, each item or product with an embedded Tag can only be recognized by its respective identification number or is uniquely identified. Unlike barcodes with which only the product can be recognized, RFID Tags make it possible to distinguish different characteristics within the same product. Hence, detailed properties of each item can be uniquely recognized based on a product’s manufacturing date, color, shape, price and more.

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Multiple Scans

Today, RFID technology allows its users to detect and recognize a large number of RFID Tags in a matter of minutes. The latter is due to today’s high-speed electronic components and ever-increasing processing capabilities of microprocessors, embedded within Tag readers and scanners. Currently, available scanning devices can scan and recognize up to thousands of Tags per second. This feature allows managers to accomplish a complete inventory and inventory tracking at a click on a button with a significantly reduced number of errors.

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Wireless Technology

RFID technology is highly demanded by companies and industries due to its appealing process done remotely or without the need for physical contact. With RFID based solutions, reading Tags can be accomplished wirelessly. The RFID scanner or reader can be placed within a range or distance of up to 6 meters from the Tags, while still achieving recognition, as opposed to the usual barcodes’ companies are used to which are only effective at a very close range. In addition, users can place their Tags in closed boxes or within their products without affecting the detection capabilities of the reader. Users, therefore, can customize the location of their Tags according to their business needs while still obtaining successful results.