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screenshot for the employee time & location tracking app where's my staff لقطة شاشة لتطبيق دوام و مواقع الموظفين برنامج حضور وانصراف الموظفين

Where’s My Staff is a smart solution developed by Tragging

for helping managers track their employees during working hours. This application works just like any other indoor attendance system but not only. Our system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor attendance management

Employee scan QR to register his/her attendance by app, and the info sync immediately to manager dashboard on the attendance software

Based on NFC/QR technology, Where’s My Staff app can track employees when they are on the premises of their company. When employees show up to work, they can tap their phone to an NFC tag to guarantee that they are present at work. When leaving work, a worker can re-tap his phone to the tag for checking-out.

Employee Location tracking software, when employee check-in on GPS from the employee app her/his info will immediately appear to manager in the admin dashboard

Since our app is appropriate for outdoors tracking, we make use of smartphones GPS receivers in order to help managers check the Geographic location of their employees at a specific time. The position of each employee is displayed on a map for better visualization.


History Accessibility

Our system allows managers check work attendance reports for each employee in addition to information about him and all reports history.


Our application is power-efficient. Since the position of an employee is sent seamlessly from his phone only on request (one or few times a day), Where’s My Staff application will not drain the battery of the smartphone. Hence, it will not affect the normal behavior and usage of the phone.

Instantaneous and Differed Checking

Having continuous internet connection is not mandatory for our application. Even though an employee’s smartphone is not equipped with a mobile internet service, our application keeps logging the location of the employee and saving it in a database internal to the phone. Once connected to the internet through WIFI or any other means, the application will immediately synchronize the data with a server and consequently, it gives managers the opportunity to check the different geographic locations at which the employee was present during working hours.


Our system has been optimized in a way to reduce data consumption as much as possible in order not affecting the monthly internet usage. Our application will only consume few Kilo Bytes for an entire month.

For more info about Where's My Staff software features, benefits & how-to, please visit the software official website