You know how babies are raised? If you happen to be a parent, then you already know the drill of what so called “sweet pain”, I’m not a parent yet but I’ll try to convey my point as much as possible. When a baby is born, it needs a lot of care and attention and nurture in order to be raised into a good human being. This requires time and patience.  SO MUCH TIME AND PATIENCE. So does a business. Just like a baby, a business needs full time attention and care, and since it is a difficult ongoing task, the patience factor plays an important role in getting everything together and leading the business towards success. As babies grow into well educated, well cultured, gentle human beings that make them successful, fixed assets is what makes or breaks a company. So, properly tracking and managing fixed assets is a key factor in guaranteeing a company’s success.

As I have written in my previous post, there are many ways to track and manage fixed assets. But the most convenient way is to integrate an RFID based solution to track and manage fixed assets. Asset tracking is the process of tracking  tangible fixed assets in an attempt to streamline processes by enabling monitoring, managing and allocating fixed assets using RFID tags. RFID tags serve as the DNA of each fixed asset enabling the easy identification of the fixed asset and related information (maintenance schedules, depreciation information, acquisition date etc.)

RFID based solutions can be easily fixed on any object no matter how small it is. Unlike, the barcode, RFID tags can be placed on medical tools and can bear extremely high temperature and pressure, the same goes for food industry where tagged items can be placed in ovens and are not affected whatsoever by the heat. Not to mention, the tags attached on clothes, bed sheets, and so on can be washed and still be intact.

RFID completely eliminates the need to manually enter information along with the costly errors that accompanies the process that impact the company’s bottom line. Tragging has developed a reliable RFID based fixed assets management system that enables manager to easily gather the data of fixed assets and streamline business process from inventory of fixed assets to the depreciation of fixed assets. Not to mention providing managers with ultimate transparency in terms of financials resulting from precisely locating & knowing the status of fixed assets.

Organizations that integrate Tragging’s fixed assets management system will reap countless benefits that will be reflected in an increased efficiency, increased transparency and accuracy, streamlined documentation requirements coupled with substantial time and money savings.

Perhaps the most important role of a sound fixed assets tracking solution is that it enables an utmost monitoring of fixed assets as they travel from one department to the other. Managers will be able to have a better view of the company’s fixed assets portfolio, more easily identify needs, and eliminate wastefulness and unnecessary duplication of assets through better resource management.

Furthermore, Tragging’s fixed assets management system leads to better inventory control by enabling a more efficient and accurate inventory counts. For instance, taking periodic physical inventory counts is still necessary for most organizations, but when assets are tagged or labeled they can be quickly scanned rather than manually verified to match identification numbers to records. Overall, it’s a much simpler process and eliminates the loss or misplacement of fixed assets that in return saves a lot of money by obviating the need to repurchase assets all over again.

Moreover, Tragging’s fixed assets management system, streamlines the maintenance schedule to a great extent as it notifies managers about the time scheduled for maintenance. The system also has the ability to generate a set of comprehensive issues that managers can view and print whenever necessary, very easily and within seconds. Tragging’s fixed assets management system streamlines a company’s reporting requirements by issuing detailed and structured reports in a matter of seconds instead of days when done manually.

Indeed, all these benefits will reflect on the company’s overall performance that will inevitably affect customers’ satisfaction. By performing better, maintain better working equipment and tools, and better allocation of resources will end up with happier customers whilst reducing costs and time wasted by better controlling fixed assets. Thus, generating more profits and moving one step closer towards success.

So, with Tragging’s fixed assets tracking and management system, you will be able to efficiently track and manage your fixed assets and reap all the benefits out of this revolutionary business solution that guarantees your businesses’ ultimate success.

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