In the near future, IOT Internet of Things will be the core of all connected devices. Big investors expect that this new technology will soon be fully integrated within businesses, societies and individuals to provide key solutions. As an example, IOT Internet of Things can be of great help to societies if integrated within healthcare systems. It provides both patients and medical teams in hospitals and clinics with smart solutions for monitoring health states. Moreover, this new trend helps to propose new methodologies for enhancing security and improving energy saving. Furthermore, IOT Internet of Things is expected to have a significant impact on businesses by offering new ways to control and track inventories, shipments and assets. As an example, Internet of Things may be implemented within a supermarket to help manage it more efficiently. For instance, this integration will allow clients and staff to know the exact position of each item, thus reducing time and energy wasted while seeking the object. In addition, it will allow floor managers to keep track of the number and type of merchandise stocked on a shelf and it will immediately inform them of any item that ran out. Moreover, this solution helps the staff monitor in real time and more efficiently the storage conditions of all products in the supermarket, thus ensuring the durability and quality of products they are selling.