The recent fast-growing appeal on communication-based systems forced engineers, researchers and industries to design and provide the market with high-tech cost-effective solutions. Today, we are living in an era where wireless communication plays a major role in offering individuals, corporations and industries means to meet their growing needs for exchanging information. Transmitting data remotely but securely, instantly and reliably has a significant impact on both economy, security and safety.

Due to its constantly decreasing cost, the use of modern technology gave consumers easy and cheap accessibility to the domain of communication. Hence, people are becoming more connected together and humans are provided with systems to interact with smart devices.

Recently, a new wireless communication trend has emerged. Scientists and big investors call it the Internet of Things (IOT). IOT is a concept in which smart objects and intelligent machines can all sense, connect and interact together without the intervention of people. The interactions of these machines help human beings solve many of today’s management issues. Andreessen Horowitz, a leading company in technology investments, has recently published a study citing the significance of this new evolving field. Moreover, their study revealed the high expectations for the Internet of Things in the near and far future.