An RFID Reader is basically a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver, controlled by a microprocessor or digital signal processor (DSP). The RFID reader, using an attached antenna, captures data from RFID tags, and then passes the data to a computer for processing. As with tags, readers come in a wide range of sizes and offer different features.

RFID Handheld Reader: In order to recognize and treat data, a handheld or stationary scanning device is used. These high-speed computing devices are capable of receiving and treating data issued by hundreds of tags per second. Therefore, long lasting tasks can now be simply replaced with simple and easy steps.

RFID Fixed Reader: These fixed RFID readers use an antenna to send and receive signals to and from RFID Tags. As their name entails, they can be either fixed or mounted on the antenna.

Snap On and Standalone peripherals are used for handheld computer terminals.