It is rather a critical factor whenever we’re talking about tracking fixed assets in hospitals. Tracking fixed assets in hospitals, entails tagging the assets in an attempt to monitor and manage them. Fixed assets in hospitals, in particular, requires an extra attention to the environment in which those are used.

Indeed, there are two ways to tag fixed assets in hospitals, the first is by using barcode labels and the other is by using RFID tags. There are, however, many limitations when using barcode labels especially when it comes to medical equipment. Barcodes are less versatile as they are merely printed on a piece of sticky paper. They cannot endure high pressure and temperature or humidity and water. As you know, fixed assets in hospitals (medical devices and equipment) are exposed to high pressure and temperature and are washed by water in order to be sterilized. So, if they’re tagged with a barcode label, this label will fail to fulfill its purpose given the circumstances and the environment of the medical equipment. Since some fixed assets in hospitals are not fixed and constantly move from one department to another all over the hospital, critical devices must be always monitored and under control especially when there’s an emergency. Basically, all information about fixed assets in hospitals need to be available whenever needed.

Tragging has developed an RFID based solution to manage and monitor fixed assets in hospitals. RFID tags are the excellent components when it comes to tracking critical fixed assets in hospitals. RFID tags withstand very harsh environmental conditions like high pressure, temperature variations, exposure to water and humidity, etc. that fixed assets in hospitals usually undergo. Our solution results in cost efficiency, productivity benefits and improved medical outcomes due to the integrated accounting software tool that enhances to a great extent the maintenance scheduling, storage and usage of all equipment used.

Fixed assets in hospitals, by default, consist of a substantial amount of medical equipment that are used in diagnosis, treatment, surgical procedures and recovery. Thus by using a reliable management system, the hospital’s management department can rest assured as all medical fixed assets in hospitals are properly maintained, tested and in a reliable working condition at all times.

Fixed assets in hospitals need to be properlyutilized in order to avoid fixed assets failures starting with operating rooms and ending with clinical data centers. But the struggle lies in the lack of complete understanding of the capital acquisition process all the way to the maintenance process which has limited hospitals from having positive impact on the bottom line.

Indeed, all risks that might occur in hospitals are mitigated with the implementation of fixed assets management system. It is an easy-to-use software that can determine the locations and statuses of fixed assets in hospitals, at any time, by anyone in the department. With the ability to automatically generate reports, schedule maintenance and to notify departments about the expiry dates of warranties. These features reduce equipment downtime thus improving patient care outcomes.

The advantages of implementing fixed assets management software has resulted in a significant time efficiency and a substantial reduction in paperwork and its costs. It has also reflected in enhanced quality control and increased efficiency and that’s due to the enhanced visibility of equipment replacement cycles which has led to more accurate cost forecasting.

Tragging continues to invest heavily on new product development to remain ahead of the competition and continue to offer existing clients the benefit of the latest advances in software development and service excellence.

With implementing a reliable fixed assets management system to manage and track fixed assets in hospitals you will be able to save a huge amount of money as well as reduce time of managing substantial amounts of fixed assets in hospitals. Moreover, accounting errors are highly probable when managing fixed assets in hospitals . This is why a reliable fixed asset management system is absolutely necessary as it provides managers with ultimate financial accuracy. It also enhances the quality of fixed assets management and enables sound decisions.

Tragging’s fixed assets management system provides an insight on how to better use available fixed assets in hospitals and future acquisition. Our software integrates several pre-built reports that can be very easily generated and exported to Excel sheets and printed. In essence, Tragging’s software enhance transparency which reflects positively on hospital’s bottom line especially when it comes to fixed assets in hospitals.

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