Has it ever occurred to you that everything you possess is considered your fixed assets? Yes! Your clothes are fixed assets, your books, your sewing machine, your paintings, your cooking pans, your pens, better yet YOUR MAKEUP are fixed assets!! Your pets could be considered fixed assets, shoes, bags, plants, cars whatever you have paid for and purchased is called your FIXED ASSETS.

Of course, on a small scope, it is very easy to handle and manage fixed assets, but on a larger scale it’s not the case. The more the fixed assets, the harder and more complicated the management. However, this is what friends are for, to enlighten you, to show you the path, to point out the right way for you. So, here’s what I’m going to do today. I’m going to tell you all about the most innovative way of managing fixed assets.

The other day, I passed by a friend of mine who works at a drugstore. A man entered asking for a specific supplement, so she went down the depot and spent about 15 minutes searching for the bottle. If I were in the man’s shoes, I would have left 5 minutes later to be honest. And I thought to myself, how easier would it have been if they had Tragging’s fixed assets software?

First things first, Tragging is a Lebanese leading company in technology. It provides business solutions to all sorts of industries. Tragging has developed a specialized fixed assets software based on RFID technology. The principle of this software is rather easy, it entails that all fixed assets be tagged with an RFID tag in order to be scanned by an RFID reader that in return sends all the data to the database to convert the gathered data into useful information and that’s about it.

So, instead of spending time and probably losing clients (in case we’re talking about a business), this software facilitates all that’s there that could hinder the workflow in an organization.

In my friend’s case, had she integrated the software, she would have found the bottle in just a click of a button and in no time.

Imagine, having a walk-in closet, thousands of shoes and bags are before your eyes, (the male scenario is up next, don’t worry) and you have to find that one silver glittery pumps with its matching clutch that goes with the navy blue dress. All you have to do is click the button on the RFID reader and tadaaa you found it!! What’s even better is that tagging the clothes themselves could save you a lot of time where you can clearly visualize all of your possessions.

For my male readers, imagine having a humongous pile of PS4 games and you’re desperately searching for Call of Duty among thousands of games. Tragging’s fixed assets software helps you organize your fixed asset and make everything visible and clear for you.

The benefits you can get out of Tragging’s fixed assets software are countless. This software is the ideal solution either for your personal use or even for your business. You can always refer to my previous articles to know more about how to manage your fixed assets and to know more about the advantages of this software.

For more information about Tragging’s fixed assets software please visit us at: www.RFIDFixedAssets.com

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