The Big Bang theory comedy show watched by millions was the best platform to show off RFID technology. This was the seventeenth episode of the second season of the TV series which was first aired in March 9, 2009. Sheldon was featured using RFID tags on his clothes (socks in particular), and when Leonard asked what he was doing, he told him that he was tagging his clothes to simplify the process of packing for the weekend trip. To watch the episode click here.

Even though the use of RFID was rather sarcastic then, it is ubiquitous today & is widely integrated within our daily life matters without even noticing how much it’s helping us.It is in your car keys, tolls, hospitals, libraries, schools, universities, malls etc.

RFID was used as, let’s say, playful and amusing element in “The Big Bang Theory”, but let’s move to a higher and more serious scale.

Being a crime series fanatic, I’ve watched them all. CSI, Criminal Minds, Stalkers, Blue Bloods, The Mentalist, Law and Order, Hawaii Five-O, you name it I’ve seen it. So, I know exactly how to kill you and get away with it. Just kidding, but beware. I remember watching Forensic Files on Investigation Discovery, analyzing the evidences and knowing who the murderer is. I was always thrilled whenever I got it right. Indeed, collecting and analyzing evidences back in the day were so much different than it is today. All the technology we know- and we don’t know- is firstly utilized in fighting crimes.

So, keeping track of evidences is a crucial matter in solving any case, as it is the critical lead to identifying suspects and proving them guilty or not. Lost evidences can definitely delay the whole investigatory process and compromise the lives of innocents.

And since the most advanced tools and technologies are used in the process of investigations, there should be something to streamline the process of gathering evidences to facilitate the investigation process and bring justice to the world. Perhaps the best & most versatile technology is RFID. Itcan be used to tag the evidences, and track them throughout the investigation process, from the moment it’s gathered and analyzed to the moment it’s stored when the case is finally closed. It enables the investigation department to locate the places of evidences, when they’ve been gathered, who has analyzed it etc.

Merging RFID with forensic sciences can lead to significant successes in solving cases and bringing justice and peace to the world. I think soon RFID will be featured in all of these crime TV shows, as the criminal justice system enters a new era of visibility.

At the end, these scenarios happen to prove the importance of RFID in our lives, whether it’s being used in trivial matters or life and death related ones. It is definitely a game changer as it is the fastest, easiest and most accurate tool that enables us to gather and analyze data of any kind & for whatever the purpose is.


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