What do you think about a SMART CLOSET? One thousand years ago, not even a sliver of all this technology has ever crossed the minds of people. To be honest, I can’t absorb everything that’s going on in our world as it gets too surreal for me sometimes. Everyone is talking about singularity and I don’t think we’re far away from that. As a matter of fact, I think we’re already there!

If you happen to be well-aware of all the new technologies emerging lately, you’ve probably ran into a video of a hologram of a female figure made by a Japanese company. The idea, basically, revolves around a virtual figure that takes care of its partner. Creepy, I know. But it’s real. The hologram wakes its partner up for work, then sets the temperature of water in the shower, it then notifies the partner that she/he’ll be needing an umbrella as it may rain. It also sends text messages while the partner is at work to express affection. In the evening, when its partner gets back home, the virtual figure turns on the lights and sets the room temperature as preferred and sets the perfect ambient to have dinner.

Here’s the thing, this is our reality, for those who think that I’m so immersed in my imagination. We, at Tragging, came up with a smart closet. This smart closet is based on RFID technology that enables people to find, locate, and organize fixed assets, in this case clothes. Brace yourselves women, here comes your dream!

Theconcept of Smart Closet is based on RFID technology and sensors. Clothes should be tagged with RFID tags in order to detect the garments and track them. The artificial intelligence in the application of Smart Closet learns the way you dress and the style that you like and how to wear them on different occasions. Moreover, the system learns to choose the outfits based on the mood, weather, period, etc. So, instead of wasting hours and hours in choosing an outfit and searching for that skirt and this hair tie, the RFID based system could indicate what’s to be worn and the very location of the items chosen. The system has sensors that could forecast the weather upon which it could select the most appropriate outfit.

The concept of the Smart Closet has basically emerged from the idea of merging technology with our daily life activities. The way IOT has invaded our lives has also contributed to the formation of the concept. However, with Smart Closet, we wanted to create something that would be able to learn and analyze data automatically without the need to enter any input to generate results. The system of Smart Closet will know what items you like best and which items you like least and suggests to give them away or sell them to people who has the same style. Furthermore, this Smart Closet will also dry clean your clothes so you do not have to send them the Laundromat.

Our Smart Closet is a dream come true, as it is multiple applications in one. It can help you organize your clothes, plan what to wear on the calendar, help you know what items you need for your travels which simplifies the everyday life to a great extent. It is a revolutionary application that many people would race to have.


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